Piatt County, Illinois
Historic Highway Signs

Enter Piatt County from the east on E 1500 North Rd. Turn right - road becomes N 1000 East.

Turn left on Kratz Rd. (Kratz Road runs behind the high school and Washington grade school).

The first Potawatomi Trail of Death historic highway sign in on a fence at the corner of Kratz and S Market St. (also known as IL Rt. 105).

Turn right onto S Market St.

Turn left on W Livingston St. (Sign).

Turn right on N Park St., left on W. Railroad St. Railroad Street has the Trail of Death memorial stone in the cemetery.

At the edge of Burke Park, turn left on NW Union St. (Sign).

Stay on this road - it becomes Allerton Rd.; go 5.0 miles - the road T’s.

Turn right onto E 1300 North (Sign). (Stay on this road as it changes directions many times and becomes N 350 East).

Continue on N 350 East (Sign).

Turn right onto E 1220 North (Sign).

Road name changes to N 275 East; turn right onto E 1100 North (Sign).

Turn left onto N 200 East (Sign).

Turn right onto E 1075 North (Sign).

Turn left onto IL Rt. 32, also known as N 100 East (Sign).

Turn right onto E 950 North to the Piatt/Macon county line. (There is no arrow or sign on this last turn). This route is 21 miles from one side of the county to the other.

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This page updated Mar 26, 2012.