St. Boniface Church

Monday 8th Oct. [Traveled 7 miles from Mill Creek to Quincy, Illinois.]

In order to reach Quincy and forward the ferriage of the river as much as possible, parties of the emigration were detached and sent ahead at 7 o’clock. At 10 a great portion of the emigrants had reached the river , 7 miles from the camp of last night. A steam ferry-boat which had been previously employed, was waiting for us, and the Indians were immediately put on board. By night we succeeded in crossing all the Indians, horses, and several wagons. The remainder will be brought over as early as convenient tomorrow. It is with the utmost difficulty that many of the Indians are restrained from intoxication. A guard has to be kept under arms in every town through which we pass. Tomorrow will be employed in the payment of the officers and troops. 3 children died since morning.

Quincy, Illinois - St. Boniface Church. GPS N-3955919 W-9124310.

Located on huge boulder in front of the church, facing Maine Street, between North 6th and 7th streets, Quincy. Erected in 1995 by descendants of Theresa Slavin, a little girl on the Trail of Death in 1838. Potawatomi attended Mass there in 1838 on Trail of Death. Descendant Jerry Pearl hauled the red boulder from family farm at St. Marys, Kansas. (Photo by Bill Willard, 2004.)

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