Menominee Chapel

From Chief Menominee’s statue you go north and pass between the Twin Lakes, then turn left on 12th Road. The marker for Menominee’s Chapel is on the left by the fence - it is a boulder with a metal plaque.

Plymouth, Indiana - Menominee Chapel. GPS N-18225 W-8621598

Artist’s conception of Menominee Chapel at Chi-chi-pee Ou-ti-pe, Twin Lakes, south of Plymouth, Indiana. Notice Father Petit in black robe and black straw hat greeting a Potawatomi Indian. Father Petit recorded in his journal June 13, 1838, that he paid $1.25 for a black straw hat. (Picture from Culver - Union Township Public Library, Culver, Indiana.)

Plymouth, Indiana - Menominee Chapel. GPS N-18225 W-8621598

Citizen Band Potawatomi tribal council members gather Nov. 21, 1982, at Menominee Chapel marker. From left: Peggy and Harold McCreary - secretary and president of Potawatomi Historical Society, Jerry Lewis - tribal historical researcher, Mel Maritt - vice chairman of Business Committee, Grace Burns - chairman of Potawatomi Senior Citizens, and Thelma Wano Bateman - secretary of tribal Business Committee.

Plymouth, Indiana - Menominee Chapel. GPS N-4117425 W-8621434

Menominee Chapel, boulder with metal plaque, erected 1949 by Howard C. Grube. According to the plaque the log chapel was built in 1827, but research indicates it was built in 1835. Located on 12th Road on north side of Twin Lakes, about a half mile north of Menominee statue, and 1/10 mile west of S. Peach Road. (Photo from John Savage, Rochester Sentinel.)

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