Memorial Dedication at Fulton County Museum Video

This 40 minute video of the dedication of the Chief White Eagle memorial was made by Marvin Good, Kewanna, Indiana. The dedication was Sept. 15, 2012. The memorial also honors:

  1. Tom Griffin, founder of the 42nd Royal Highlanders Bagpipe Band of Lafayette, Indiana,
  2. William Wamego, Citizen Band Potawatomi, whose ancestor was Chief Wamego on the 1838 Trail of Death,
  3. Tom Hamilton, Citizen Band Potawatomi, whose ancestor was Abram Burnett on the Trail of Death; Hamilton designed the plaque for Father Petit that stands in front of the Fulton County Museum, Rochester, Indiana, and
  4. Leon Stewart, a volunteer carpenter who built and repaired many buildings for the Living History Village called Loyal, Indiana, beside the round barn and also built booths for the Trail of Courage Living History Festival.
The video is broken into 4 sections, each 10 minutes long. Click a link to view that section of the video: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, Section 4 [Each section is 10 minutes long. It may take 1 ½ minutes or more before the video for each section starts playing, depending on the speed of your internet connection].

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This page updated Jan 16, 2017.