Monroe County, Missouri

To enter Paris from the east, cross US24 and take Business 24 (same as 15) into town. The Trail of Death marker is in front of the court house on Main Street between Marion and Monroe streets. It is a flat marble slab next to the sidewalk.

Monday 15th Oct. [Traveled 12 miles from Old Clinton to Paris, Missouri.]

At 8 o’clock this morning we were on the march. The day was very windy, which rendered our passage across the prairie very disagreeable. Many of the Indians suffered a good deal. At noon we reached our present encampment, near Paris, 12 miles distant from the camp of last night. During the evening the chiefs, according to arrangement of last night, along with a large number of the Indians, came up to Head Quarters, and repeated their request of last night. The speaker said that he did not demand it for himself or for his associates alone, but for every man, woman and child in camp - they all united in soliciting the discharge of Dr. Jerolaman. The Conductor (Polke) briefly informed them that Dr. J. had received his appointment from government - that he felt a delicacy in discontinuing an officer of government - that the Indians were not compelled to receive the services of Dr. J - they were free to choose for themselves - that he thought it his duty to retain his services as physician for the officers of the emigration, and that viewing their request in the light he did, he could not consistent with his duty, grant their request. He hoped they would forget their prejudices, and still continue friendly with Dr. J. - and that his decision might not affect the feelings of unity which had so far subsisted between the officers and their red brethren. In conclusion he informed them that he had purchased in the hope of allaying their discontent, a keg of tobacco, which he wished them to smoke in token of continued friendship. The Indians then retired, not without however first requesting leave to renew the subject again. Subsistence, beef, corn, and potatoes. Forage corn and hay.

Paris, Missouri - in front of court house N-3928976 W-9159997.

Stone plaque on cement (flat on the ground) by Monroe County Court House. Erected in 1988 by Monroe County Historical Society and paid for with donation from Lee and Vesta Boyland. (Photo by Larry Prichard, Lynn, Indiana, on Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan, 2003.)

Paris, Missouri - in front of court house N-3928976 W-9159997.

Stone plaque on cement (flat on the ground, not the raised marker on the left) by Monroe County Court House. This was during the visit by the Trail of Death Commemorative Caravan in 2003. Caravan members from the left are Carol Layman, Shirley Willard, Dolores Grizzell, Bob Pearl and Si Grizzell. (Photo by Bill Willard, 2003.)

To leave Paris, go south on Main Street (same as Business 24) and follow it out of town towards the west. About a mile east of Moberly, on the south side of US24, is Hutsell Roadside Park, a rest area beside the highway. The Trail of Death marker is a big boulder with metal plaque.

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