Water Falls at Williamsport, Indiana

Side trip - An interesting side trip is to visit the water falls in Williamsport, Indiana. We don't know if the Trail of Death participants walked over to see it, but it is not far and some of them surely did. However, during the drought of 1838, there would have been little or no water falling over the falls.

Water Falls at Williamsport, Indiana. An interesting side trip is to visit the water falls.

Instead of leaving town on Washington Street, go back north on Old 2nd Street to East Monroe, up hill (note lovely old homes) past Elementary School to the twin bridges on corner of Fall Street and E. Monroe. There is some rough parking behind the fire station but easier access from the Gazebo as you can park along the street. The 100 foot water falls is the highest in Indiana and is located on the creek past the bridge at the edge of town. There is an overlook with wooden benches and shelter. You can walk down to the falls if you wish. During dry seasons (like the drought of 1838) there is little or no water going over the falls. (Photo by Shirley Willard, Rochester, Indiana, 1998.)

Continue northwest on Monroe Street across the railroad tracks to the Warren County Court House, 125 N. Monroe Street, which is open during the day for restrooms and some interesting historical items on lower level. There is a Pizza Place just south of the Court House also. The Warren County Museum is located at 12 Midway Street, which is behind the Old National Bank. From State Road 28 turn left (west) on Midway Street. REMC has a big sign on the corner of Monroe and Midway streets.

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